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QC203Bbrief introduction

Product features

The automotive industry relies mainly on the reliability of its equipment to work under extremely difficult conditions. QC203B is a multi-purpose automotive electronic solution for the field. QC203B is protected by a rugged enclosure to adapt automotive applications.

technical parameter

Analog Value Input AI(0-5V/4-20mA/0-65kohm) 8 12Bit
Analog Value Input AI0-5V/0-10V/0-15V/0-20V/0-25V/0-30V/0-32V 8 12Bit, which can be configured in pull-up or pull-downmode
Switch Value DI+/DI- 8 Switch Value Input
Pulse Value Input PI/Switch Value Input DI/Analog Value Input 4

PI range: 10-10KHz, AI: 10Bit

Itcan be configured in pull-up or pull-down mode
PWM(With Current Feedback)(4A) / Switch Value Output
Switch Value Input DI/Pulse Value Input PI
PWM (4A) / Switch Value Output DO(4A)/Analog Value Input AI 4 AI:10Bit
Switch Value Output DO(4A)/Analog Value Input AI 4 AI:10Bit
Switch Value Output DO-(4A)/Current Feedback Detection FB 4X2
Analog Value Output AO 1 0-5V
Mainboard Temperature Monitoring 1 Internal Temperature Sensor
5V Voltage Reference 2X2 200mA x2
Variable Voltage Reference(8.5V/10V/14.5V) 1 300mA

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