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High-altitude Industry

QT Hydraulic (Shanghai) Stock Co., Ltd. was established in May 2001, headquartered in Shanghai Jiading. Is a collection of hydraulic products and electronic control system research and development, manufacturing, sales in one high-tech enterprises; to provide customers with various hydraulic valves (components) and electronic control products and systematic solutions. Strong field technology products, solutions are widely used in engineering machinery, sanitation vehicles, petroleum equipment, special machine tools and other different industries and fields.

Truck-mounted Aerial Working Platform
The aerial truck-mounted vehicle is an aerial working equipment that fixes the lifting platform on the automobile in order to improve the maneuverability of the lifting platform. QT Fluid provides complete system supply and solution. It mainly realizes the functions of leg unfolding and retracting, turntable rotation, one arm amplitude variation, basket automatic leveling, two arms amplitude variation, limit position automatic deceleration in advance, soft leg alarm and limit movement, chassis one-key leveling, automatic amplitude limit, limit the location of movement and so on.
Shear Fork Aerial Working Vehicle
Aerial working platform is one of the most common solutions for high-altitude operation. It has a wide range of applications, especially in aircraft/ships/high-speed railway manufacturing process, bridge construction, large plant construction. It can completely replace the scaffold operation with low comprehensive cost, high safety factor and efficient operation.

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Arm Aerial Working Platform
The aerial working platform can be divided into straight arm type and bent arm type according to the form of armspan. The bending arm aerial working platform is designed with multi-level folding arm combination, which is flexible and convenient. It can overcome certain obstacles and carry out multi-point operation in a lift. It is safe and easy to move, but the cost is high. It is widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations of urban management, electric power, street lamp, advertisement, communication, scenary, garden, transportation, wharf, airport and port, large industrial and mining company etc.

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