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Fax:+86 21 3990 4482
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Forklift Industry

QT Hydraulic (Shanghai) Stock Co., Ltd. was established in May 2001, headquartered in Shanghai Jiading. Is a collection of hydraulic products and electronic control system research and development, manufacturing, sales in one high-tech enterprises; to provide customers with various hydraulic valves (components) and electronic control products and systematic solutions. Strong field technology products, solutions are widely used in engineering machinery, sanitation vehicles, petroleum equipment, special machine tools and other different industries and fields.

As an old domestic hydraulic enterprise, in order to adapt to the development of forklift industry, QT Fluid has specially developed a variety of electric proportional forklift valve, which has the advantages of compact structure, excellent performance and variable function, comprehensively improve the performance of forklift and help the development of forklift industry.

Let QT Manufacturing become the Hydraulic Insdustry Benchmark

Mob: +86 153 1784 4664
Fax:+86 21 3990 4482